10 Reasons You Should Become An Independent Damsel Pro With Damsel In Defense Now

Thinking about starting your own business?Have you been toying with the idea of starting your own business with Damsel In Defense?

Maybe it’s just something you thought about for a second before dismissing. Or maybe you’re really interested, but you’re not sure if it’s really something you want to do. Let me show you 10 reasons I think you should join Damsel In Defense.

Read these with an open mind. Forget all of your self-limiting beliefs for just a minute. Read this with the attitude of “I am capable and confident. Anything I don’t know I can learn.”

Whatever you ultimately decide to do should be based on an informed decision, not because you were  too afraid to try. So here we go!


1. A low start-up cost means you’ll be making money quickly.

Have you ever thought about owning your own business or buying a franchise? Big business ventures usually cost multiple thousands of dollars to start up. Not all of us have that kind of cash just lying around, waiting to be used. A lot of us work our tails off at jobs that we mildly enjoy. We’re lucky if we have anything to put into our savings after all the bills are paid. (I haven’t had a “job” for a few years because we were blessed to be in a position for me to stay home with the kids. But I SO remember the frustration of  feeling like I had hardly anything to show for my hard work financially.)

The only costs you have to start up with Damsel In Defense are the cost of your kit ($99 for the basic kit, with the option to add booster packs) and your monthly fee of $10. (This fee covers your website access and liability insurance.) That is literally all you need to get started.

The cost for the basic kit is only $99!
You could pay even less when you host a qualifying Empower Hour before you join!

Some ladies decide to purchase some things for their businesses right away. (This includes things like items for table displays, gifts for hostesses and/or customers, office items, etc., but most of these things can be purchased later on after you’re already making a paycheck. They’re also discretionary, you may decide you don’t need them at all. It completely depends on how you intend to run your business. (Don’t worry about that part yet. One of the things I do when I have someone interested in joining is to help them figure those things out.)

Making money in this business is completely dependent on whether or not you’re actually going to work it like a business.

I’ll get into it more later in the post, but you will get all the training you need to be successful. It’s up to you though, to implement what you learn. If you’re not going to work your business, you’re not going to be very happy with your paychecks. Just saying…

2. Commissions start at 25%.

Right away you begin earning 25% in commissions. After your first promotion you start earning 30% commission and won’t earn any less. I won’t give you a whole break-down of the compensation plan here, but it’s similar to most network marketing companies. You make money by selling products and/or by adding people to your team. (Don’t confuse this with a pyramid scheme. Anyone can make good money doing this, not just the people who signed on when the company first started.) You don’t have to add people to your team if you don’t want to, you can just earn commission, but working with a team is a ton of fun!

Commissions are paid twice a month, on the 10th and the 25th. Our pay is deposited onto our very own Damsel In Defense debit cards. (They’re gorgeous by the way!) You have the option to transfer your funds to your bank account if you want to, but having a debit card that says “Damsel In Defense” across the top is a great way to market your business for free.


3. You can make a tangible & practical difference in your community.

The first way you’re making a difference in your community is by bringing safety education and awareness.

Most people know how to keep themselves safe (or at least the very basics like locking your doors), but we so often forget to be proactive about it in our everyday lives. Being reminded of the basics and learning new ways to protect ourselves is always a good thing.

Another way your making a difference is by actually equipping the women in your community with high quality tools to keep themselves safe. The more stun guns, pepper sprays, alarms, and other items we sell, the more people we are giving a chance to.

Our products have the potential to literally save lives.

The police are incredible and we desperately need them to protect us and keep us safe, but we also have to be ready to defend ourselves first. A violent crime occurs every 26 seconds in the US and there isn’t always a policeman (or woman) right around the corner. Response times are fast, but sometimes not fast enough.

Also, while not necessarily a part of our “job description”, a lot of Damsel Pros are often heavily involved with organizations that offer help to women and children as well. We also have the ability to run fundraisers for local women’s shelters, organizations that help children, and any other cause we feel passionately about. Our unique  products serve a phenomenal purpose and has a direct influence on the lives of the people in our communities.


4. Statistics concerning the sexual assault of women aren’t getting better. Not yet…but we’re working hard to turn that around, & we could really use your help.

If you take a look at the Pro Locator map on the corporate page, or on your local community Facebook groups, you might get the impression that there are a ton of Damsel Pros in your area. You might be afraid that there isn’t enough room for you, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The unique thing about this business is our mission which drives this company. Each one of us can only talk to so many people. I can only hold a certain number of Empower Hours. My Facebook posts only reach so many people.  There are limits on what I can accomplish on my own, and every day, more and more women are being affected by sexual assault, domestic violence, and violent crimes. More and more children are abused and assaulted and don’t know what to do about it. THEY NEED OUR HELP! 

The more people that partner with me, and with other Damsel Pros, the bigger the impact we can have on our communities, our states, and our country.

We need more women who will help us tackle these statistics head on!

5. You meet amazing people with similar goals & passions.

What is it about being surrounded by women who get you that makes such a difference in the way you see yourself?!

The Damsel In Defense conference this summer was an amazing experience!


So far in my journey, I have never been close enough to my team to participate in person in meetings. I felt like I was missing out on a lot, but I still chimed in on the team Facebook page when I could.

When I went to our company’s conference this past July in San Antonio, I really got experience a deeper sense of the community I’m a part of. Yes, I learned a TON. Yes, I got to have a break from my kid. I got to be a bit touristy and ate food I didn’t have to cook myself for 3 whole days! As great as all of that was, it can’t compare to the way it felt to be surrounded by women who get me. Women who understand my goals and ambitions. I got to hang out with power house women and didn’t feel out of place, even thought my accomplishments haven’t been as impressive as theirs (yet!).


I felt like I belonged. That’s what I want that for you too. I want you to know what that feels like.

Don’t you want to meet people that inspire you to do better than you ever thought you could on your own? Wouldn’t you want to be that person for someone else?

6. Damsel In Defense is a stable, debt-free company, and has been from the beginning.

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve been part of a company that has made poor financial decisions, it can be scary to think about starting over with another company. Obviously I can’t make any guarantees, but I have personally always felt confident in the stability of this company.

7.  You can earn amazing trips, incentives and surprises.

Damsel In Defense does a phenomenal job of encouraging their Pros. The home office gives out prizes to random participants on weekly training calls. Their Stunning Start Program rewards Pros who start their businesses strong right from the beginning. The last few years they’ve had trips to places like Las Vegas; Riviera Maya, Mexico; and Atlantis in the Bahamas! They’ve had all kinds of bonus programs too. Damsel In Defense is constantly out-doing themselves to reward their Damsel Pros.


8. I’ve received more recognition & appreciation from this company than at any other job I’ve ever had.

When I was working at my previous jobs I mostly enjoyed them and felt good about the effort I gave. At most of those jobs, however, there was very little in the way of recognition. I didn’t need to be recognized to do a good job. I felt like my paycheck was my reward, and it was. But can I just tell you, I would have done SO. MUCH. MORE. if someone would have just acknowledged my efforts. I’m guessing that’s the same for you too.

It’s just easier to want to give more and more when we know it’s appreciated.

Since becoming a PRO myself, I am always amazed by how much support I get for the little things I do; and not just from corporate. The people on the team Facebook page are phenomenal about celebrating with you and encouraging you. Even when there’s no real benefit for them if they do so. It’s hands down the best working atmosphere I’ve ever encountered.

9. No one determines where and when you work, but you. You can schedule your business around your kids ball games & recitals, have time available to see friends, & anything else you want to do with your life.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean that you can just play and work here and there and expect to make an astronomical amount of money. A business is still a business, even when it’s flexible.

What I do mean, is that because you are your own boss, you have the option to schedule your work when you want to do it. If your daughter’s soccer game is on Saturday, you don’t have to schedule an Empower Hour or send out emails that day (or for a few hours) if you choose to do that. You can schedule around field trips, or lunches with friends. If you work a 9-5 full time, you can choose to run your business in the evenings and on weekends.

You aren’t enslaved by someone else’s schedule or priorities.

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to want to control things. I want things done in a way that makes sense to me. There’s no one micromanaging me all the time in this business. Now, there are policies and procedures that we have to follow as Independent Damsel Pros. Once you get them figured out though, it’s really not hard, and they’re not that limiting.

10. There are no qualifications…regardless of your level of education or any other factors. You can make this work for you.

If you’ve had trouble getting work in the past you know how frustrating it can be to realize you’re not qualified for certain jobs. This isn’t a problem when you become a Damsel Pro. You can learn the skills you need while on the job. It doesn’t require any kind of degree or certificate. Plus, there are no background checks or assessments to take.

Bonus reason: I’ll be your trainer. I walk you step by step through every process of your training.

If we’re being honest here, when I started out I was NOT a great leader. I had no idea how to help other women get started. Especially if their personality was different from mine. Thankfully I’ve learned a lot, and grown. Also, the company has come out with a system that makes it WAY easier for me to train you. I know what I’m doing now. Can I promise to be perfect? No; I might make some mistakes along the way. But I do promise to be available to you, and to give you the best start I possibly can. We’ll walk through the beginning stages of your business together and I’ll still be there for you as you gain more experience.

I’m in it for the long term because I LOVE the company and the products. I love the mission, and everything it stands for, and I’m ready to help you get started too.

Want to take a look at some more info? Leave me a message. I’d love to chat with you to help you determine if this is a good fit for your particular circumstances.

Ready to get started with your own Damsel In Defense business? LET’S DO IT! Click here to get started now.