How To Guarantee Failure


“You can do ANYTHING, but not EVERYTHING.”

This phrase has been an important theme in my life this year. If you haven’t noticed, this is my first new post in a few MONTHS…yikes! The everyday hustle and bustle that we heap upon ourselves has a way of sneaking back up on us, doesn’t it? I mean, we have the best of intentions to do all the things, meet with all our people, consume everything life has to offer…but we so often find ourselves exhausted, frustrated, and on the verge of giving up. (That happens to you too right? I know I can’t be the only one who feels that way.)

The long break I took from my blog didn’t start out intentionally. The first couple of weeks I went without posting were because “I just don’t know what to write about”… at least that’s what I told myself, even though I have a list of ideas that I’m always adding to. No, the real reason I stopped keeping up with the blog was because I was TIRED. EXHAUSTED even. I was trying to do it all; the mom thing, the housework, all the business stuff I do (most of which is just busy work that I use to distract me from the things I need to do, but am afraid to do.) Something had to fall off my plate because there just wasn’t room for anything more.

At first I was feeling really guilty. My blog was pretty new still anyway, people were just starting to find it, and then I  dropped off the face of the earth. But then I was listening to Chalene Johnson  on the Periscope app several weeks ago, and she said the one thing that put everything into perspective for me.

You should never quit. Getting into the habit of quitting becomes a disease that infects your mind. Take a break from something if you need to, but if it’s something you know you should keep doing…don’t quit doing it.

That was a paraphrase because I don’t remember word for word what she said, but the message was clear, and all the light bulbs in my brain went off at once. I was feeling guilty because I was afraid I’d have to quit my blog after just starting it, but in that moment I realized that it didn’t have to be either/or. I could take a break to breathe and regroup, and that way, when I came back, I would be ready…and now I’m ready!

I think her point about getting into the habit of quitting, and how it affects your thoughts is exactly right. We begin to tell ourselves that we can’t do things without even trying. We’re afraid to try because we’re afraid to fail. We don’t always think about it in that order, but it’s true a lot of the time isn’t it? Think about it. It’s just easier to think of the things that could go wrong and say no, than to knowingly take that risk. No one likes to loose. No one likes to feel like they’ve let themselves or someone else down. No one likes to fail… but quitting something just because you’re afraid of the possible negative outcomes guarantees failure – every time.

So remember this piece of advice from Chalene, and take breaks when you need to. When you’re struggling with trying to do everything at once, it’s OK to step back, look at the bigger picture and re-prioritize. You might have to set some things to the side for awhile, and then come back. That is perfectly acceptable.

*This post is my personal response to the live broadcast I listened to. I am not affiliated with Chalene Johnson or her team in any way.