Layering Your Self-Defense Arsenal

So I’m driving to town and my son asks me if I brought my weapons with me. I said, “Well yes I did, I have my pepper spray.” To which he replied in disbelief, “that’s it?!”


That short encounter in the car taught me two things: 1. My son is remembering at least some of the important things I tell him. Knowing that  is very encouraging and comforting as a mom. 2. I need to have a plan in place for when I forget to check my purse for my usual items. Relying on routine when it comes to your protection can put it at risk.

Before I show you my plan, I want to point something out. I had one option on me, my pepper spray. That’s great, but I didn’t have a back up. What if my pepper spray was taken away from me? What if it was in my purse and my purse was stolen, or in my car, or any other number of variables? Layering your protection gives you an advantage. Layering your protection means having multiple options in different places. If you carry everything in the same place your chances of getting to what you need when you need it are lowered.

So here’s my plan, and I suggest you put something similar in place:

2016-fall-winter-party-pilot-cards40Purse:  Kubotan in the side pocket, stun gun in the concealed carry compartment. Pepper spray on my Breakaway key chain with my keys.

Car: A kubotan in the two front doors, Junk In The Trunk and Gimme A Sign in the back, Road Trip in the console.

That’s where I’m going to start at least. I’m also going to keep an alarm in the car for my son, since I’m always forgetting to grab it before we leave the house! If you’re reading this and have no idea what some of these terms are, this should help you out. I want to know your ideas! In the comments let me know what you would add to my plan!