My Stun Gun Isn’t Working. What’s Going On?

I get often get calls or messages from customers who want to know why their brand new stun gun isn’t working.

I get how frustrating that can be, but it’s often a really simple fix. So simple, it almost doesn’t deserve it’s own blog post, but I’m giving it one anyway.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post and you’re thinking about getting a stun gun, you really should check out the 5 questions you need to ask first.  This video is also a good place to start.

The Get A Grip is one of my favorite stun guns. Easy to use and easy to hang onto.
This one is my personal favorite.

Let’s walk through this step-by-step as if you have just purchased a Damsel In Defense brand stun gun from me, your Damsel Pro.

Step 1 Open the box and check for any visible damage that may have occurred during shipping. (I’ve only received one order that has had any visible damage, but it’s always good to check.

Step 2 Seeing no damage, the next thing you need to do is to charge it. This is where some people assume their stun gun isn’t working. You need to charge it for 8 hours before you test fire it for the first time. (It also voids the warranty to fire it off before the initial charge.) Also, remember to charge your stun gun for 8 hours once every month from here on out to make sure it always has a lot of power behind that zap!

Step 3 Now that your stun gun is charged, it’s time to test fire it. Insert the disable pin first. This is important. The pin is essential, otherwise it will not fire. (This is a safety mechanism that protects you in case someone gets it away from you.)

The bling it up pin is a great feature to have in case you drop the pin in the dark. You’ll see the sparkly Bling pin better than you would the standard pin it comes with.

Once the pin is in, you need to move the switch to the highest position, until the little red light turns on. Make sure that you’re NOT making contact with the metal prongs, and then press the button. You should hear a loud zap and see the spark.

Now, we’re assuming that you’ve done the first 3 steps and it isn’t working, so let’s keep going.

Step 4 Double check that the pin is inserted correctly. This is often the issue- the pin wasn’t inserted all the way or it was forgotten all together. You may need to use some firm pressure, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Make sure the pin is flush with the stun gun. There shouldn’t be any space between them.

Step 5 If it still isn’t working at this point, there is likely a defect inside. This is when you call or message me and we can take the next steps of replacing it through your warranty. The great news is that all Damsel In Defense stun guns have a lifetime warranty! (If I wasn’t the consultant you purchased your stun gun through, that may make the process a little harder, so it’s always best to try to contact your consultant if at all possible. If you can’t reach your consultant or don’t remember who she is, I’ll do everything I can to help you.)

Like I said, super simple, but I have had a few calls about this. I wanted to make sure everyone knew the two most common reasons (not charged and missing pin) that my customers can’t get their stun guns to work. And seriously, don’t be embarrassed if it’s one of these. I’ve been doing this for nearly 3 years now, and I still occasionally do this with new stun guns!

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