Does Damsel In Defense Offer Self-Defense Classes for Women?

When I tell people I’m an Independent Damsel Pro, I often get asked if we teach self defense classes for women.

Damsel In Defense is a company whose mission is to “equip, empower and educate women to protect themselves and their families.” Making sure women have the ability and confidence to defend themselves is the whole reason I partnered with this company over 4 years ago.

When I first started this journey, I knew nothing about self defense and the only knowledge I had about pepper spray and stun guns was what I had picked up from movies. (As with many other things, Hollywood usually isn’t a great source for information on this topic.) I had never even thought about taking self defense classes. The way I planned to protect myself was by running away, or avoiding all situations that involved any amount of risk. I just knew that if I was ever targeted or attacked, I’d be a goner, because there was no way I’d be able to defend myself. Now, four years later, I feel confident when talking about these topics and love having opportunities to help other women feel less scared and unprepared to protect themselves.

I have loved putting on Empower Hours with other women. An Empower Hour is an hour when I meet up with a group of ladies (usually at the host’s home or at a local restaurant with a party room) and give them safety tips and demonstrate how many of the products that I sell work. It’s seriously a fun time! Often, many of the women in attendance aren’t familiar with many of the tools we offer, and many haven’t been very proactive in regards to their own safety. Some may have attended self-defense classes, but many haven’t, so it’s always fun to get a good mix of people from different backgrounds together to learn from each other. Everyone walks away with something they didn’t know before, and a feeling of having more control over their safety than they realized they could have.

The Empower Hour has been the main type of presentation given by Damsel Pros up to this point. With the launch of the Spring/Summer 2018 catalog, we’re rolling out something we’re calling a Warrior Workshop. This is perfect for women who have thought about taking self defense classes, but who just haven’t gotten around to it, or who may feel too intimidated to try. A Warrior Workshop will be a more hands-on experience to introduce self defense concepts, give even more safety tips than are offered during an Empower Hour, work on cultivating a mindset that will give you an advantage in a scenario where you need to defend yourself, and allow you to practice with the tools we offer. is

A Warrior Workshop will help boost your confidence in your own abilities. Much like a responsible gun owner practices and trains with their weapon so that they will be effective with it, ladies who carry stun guns, pepper sprays, etc. need to have opportunities to practice their skills as well. That’s what one of these workshops gives you- an opportunity to practice with your weapons. It is in a workshop format, so you’ll also be able to practice while surrounded by other women who care about you and who will be cheering you on. If you’re favorite outfit includes stretchy pants and comfy tops, you will feel right at home. (Can I just say how excited I am to be able to give a professional presentation in my yoga pants?! I’ve seriously got the best job evaa!!)

There's so much we can learn from each other!

So does Damsel In Defense offer self-defense classes for women?

No, we do not offer self defense classes; Independent Damsel Pros as a whole (with a few exceptions) are safety trainers, not self defense instructors. Our new Warrior Workshops give you a great place to start, and boost your confidence in yourself, and awareness of your surroundings, giving you an advantage. If you’re curious about a Warrior Workshop, let’s set you up with one! Once you’ve done one, you might decide you’d like to look into taking self-defense classes!

If you have any questions about Warrior Workshops, or would like to set one up for yourself and some friends, contact me here.