A Tactical Pen and 13 Other Newly Released Items from Damsel In Defense

Damsel In Defense just released their new Spring/Summer 2018 catalog! I’m dying to show you our brand new tactical pen and the other brand new items, plus some fun updates!

This catalog contains new items in the existing lines we carry, as well as a brand new line, which I’m saving for last!

First, let’s introduce you to the tactical pen, which Damsel In Defense has cleverly titled, To Whom It May Concern. This might be my new favorite item out everything we carry! You can write with it like an ordinary pen, but it’s also got an LED flashlight, and also functions as a striking tool like our Sock It To Me. What make this even more awesome is the jagged tip that allows you to collect DNA from your attacker to provide to police! It even comes with an ink refill. I never realized how much I wanted a tactical pen until I saw this one. Isn’t the rose color just gorgeous?!

This brand new item from Damsel In Defense is the discreet self defense tool every woman needs.

The To Whom It May Concern is part of the Security On The Go line that has a couple other new additions.

The ARMee Band holds your personal protection items for you so you can still have peace of mind when you need to be hands-free.
The ARMee Band holds your personal protection tools for you so you can still be equipped when you need to be hands-free.
The perfect accessory with a secret for every woman.
The Sassy Spray keepsafe has a little sister! The travel-size Sassy Spray is a great tool to have when you’re traveling or in a door setting, to help you keep your valuables safe.

The SAFE Hearts line also has some new additions that I’m really excited about!

Shielded Eyes, Shielded Hearts and A Secret Gift for Grace are both new storybooks that will be joining the other 6 stories Damsel In Defense was already carrying.

This is a great book for helping you talk to your kids about people who may try to trick them into doing things that could hurt them. I love that it keeps the topic from being any scarier than it needs to be.
“A grooming kidversation”
A kidversation about pornography
Shielded Eyes, Shielded Heart helps you talk to your kiddos about pornography in a way that is age appropriate. These are the topics that we don’t always like to talk to our kids about, or don’t know how to, but it’s so much more damaging if we don’t.
The Proactive Parent Guide is the number one resource I recommend to parents to help them protect their kids.
The Proactive Parent Guide has been updated. It contains all the same great content it did before, but the sections on cyber-bullying and protecting your kids in the online space have been expanded.
Heart Defenders drawstring bag so you can tote around your SAFE Hearts storybooks.
Now we’ve got a drawstring bag for your kiddos to tote around their SAFE Hearts books.
Bring your kidversations to the dining room table with this new dish set! This is a great conversation starter to keep those important conversations going.
Bring your kidversations to the dining room table with this new dish set! This is a great conversation starter to keep those important conversations going.

I’m almost ready to show you our newest line, but there are a couple more updates you’ve gotta see!


I love the new designs of the Pouch O'Pepper cases!
The Pouch O’Pepper has 4 pretty new designs!
The Road Trip auto tool is now rechargeable!
Our Road Trip auto tool has been updated so that it no longer requires disposable batteries! Just like the stun guns, it’s now rechargeable!

Alright, time for the big reveal! Damsel in Defense has a new line of graphic tees called Wear Your Warning!! These shirts are super cute, and help you get your mindset in the right place as you get ready for your day.

Coffee, Jesus, Pepper Spray!
Graphic tees that warn would-be attackers for you!

How cute are those?! I think I need one in every style!

So what do you think of the newest items from Damsel In Defense?

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